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Essential Networker Home Business Training

Posted on August 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

I’ll be the first to say that there is a lot of BS online about Home Business. To many courses, books, cd’s and fake guru’s preaching

that they are the experts in MLM and Home Business…

Are their “real experts” out there? Definitely! I’ll be the first to admit that Im a “self help junkie” when it comes to learning…

I spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on books, courses and seminars! And I get a good return on them…

I would have never learned how to build my Home Business online and retire at the age of 25, if those courses

wouldn’t have been available.

Of all the ones I buy, only about 20% of them are of great value and produce a Good ROI.

So spending money on them is of great benefit to your future…No Matter What!

But it’s hard to siphon out the good ones from all the noise you get online. Today Home Business is all about Attraction

Marketing, so everybody is “trying” to do Attraction Marketing… Go figure…

And what happens when everybody is doing something…

It just turns into noise, very scripted and unauthentic mush! People dont need that, they need actual solutions to problems they face when

building a Home Business online. Especially since 95% of them are complete “green pea’s” to the internet world. I was too at one time…

Here is the deal… I just launched a website called The “Essential Networker”. I have put away a lot of my projects to focus on just this.

What this site is gonna do is provide people with Free Information on what you want to know about home business and MLM…

That’s right! All the content that will go on The Essential Networker will be Free and provided by you.

This is what you have to do…I know you have 2 to 3 concerns or questions when it comes to building your home business online.

They might be small or big, but they keep you from building your business right.

Take those questions and go to the Home Page( it will be posted down below) and post your question as a comment on the first

blog post and make sure to watch the video…

I will then answer your concern or problem and if I can’t, I’ll bring in some of the “Master Marketers” I know, so they can answer it

with the best response possible…

So make it a great day and don’t miss out on this opportunity….Im only doing this for a limited amount of time.

Lets Go Build Your Business!

Dwayne Phelps

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