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Apply The Slight Edge to Your Home Business Online Opportunity

Posted on October 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

When embarking on a new venture, whether it is a home business online opportunity or something more personal start out with a clean sheet. Start at the very basics, though you may already have had experience in a similar activity. Lay solid foundations. Identify the first step that will take you on your journey. Taking that fist step is vital. It is the step that can be compounded each day to propel you to success. Without it you stay at the starting line, never going anywhere. Apply the principles of the slight Edge to all the main areas of your life, health, relationships, finance, personal development and your life itself. Each area of your life is equally important because if your health is not good or your relationships are not working, this will spill over onto the other areas of your life and visa versa. No area of your life exists in isolation, completely unaffected by the other areas. For example, your finances are important but your income seldom exceeds your personal development. You may get lucky and win the lottery but without the right mindset you will not have the capacity to replace the money once spent. Having the right mindset will be far more beneficial to you in the long term than a short lived windfall. Take a close look at the five main areas of your life, health, relationships, finance, personal development and your life itself.

1. Write down your goals for each area

2. Recognise the price to be paid to achieve those goals

3. Create a plan to get started

4. What one simple daily discipline, when compounded over time would help you achieve your goals Simple steps, not mammoth tasks. The results will not be instant, worthwhile results never are. However if you pay close attention you should begin to see some positive signs before long. Apply the same strategy to your internet marketing promotion. The final success will more than likely follow the 80/20 rule, whereby 80% of the results will be achieved in the last 20% of the time available. Remember this when you think your home business online opportunity or your Internet marketing promotion is not showing results quick enough for you. So follow through, believe in the power of The Slight Edge. Learn to have it working for you, not against you. Do those things that may seem insignificant, they won’t hurt today or tomorrow if you fail to do them. But in the long run, failure to do them will lead to just that – failure. Think of the legacy you want to leave behind you; to your family, to your children. We are our children’s greatest teachers and they learn mainly by example, by seeing what their parents do. “winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing” Vince Lombardi Get into the habit of winning, fill out the form on my blog and you will have taken the first step on your journey with a winning team.

Learn How to Avoid Boredom When Operating a Home Business Online

Posted on September 9, 2019 in Uncategorized

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HomeBusinessHome BusinessLearn How to Avoid Boredom When Operating a Home Business OnlineLearn How to Avoid Boredom When Operating a Home Business Online
Learn How to Avoid Boredom When Operating a Home Business Online
By John Inalegwu on January 30, 2012 0
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I have come across a great deal of individuals who launched their internet home business with all passion as well as determination but end up crashing within a short time. Some people even go as far as investing lots of money and they don’t get any result. This can be very disheartening and frustrating for beginners. If you’re planning to begin a web home business for yourself then you will want to read through this article and get to learn a few of the things you can come across on the way.

Business Model – There are numerous business model on the internet that you can pick from. A particular method may not work for you while others might just be the best choice. Truth is, the only way you can determine which model will be most effective for you is when you test each of them as well as commit a reasonable amount of time to make it work.

Skills – All kind of businesses on the web and both in the traditional world require some certain kind of knowledge. If you wish to be an online marketer, SEO specialist, site flipper or whatever, you will need to learn their basics to be able to cash in on any of business. Take example from professions like doctor, engineering, architect, pilot and others, they all require expertise the same also applies to working on the internet. It might take you several months to find out some online marketing skills but it’s certainly going to be well worth all of the problems if used properly.

Funds – What a lot of people don’t let you know is that if you want to earn money online quicker than necessary then you will have to invest in your home based online business. Be aware, you don’t need to spend large amount of funds, with as little as $150 injected in the appropriate avenue anybody can start making cash on the internet without much hassle.

Time frame – I am yet to see an online home based business that generates thousands of dollars the very first week it was launched. Those who are capable of making income right away are individuals who are well-established in the business and also experienced in their discipline. Newbies will need to learn some skills as mentioned above and individuals involved in marketing will need time to gain a very good search engine ranking which will definitely take some time.

Effort – Do not be deceived by the promises as well as advertisements that money can be created with virtually no work or effort. It’s only in lottery one stand a chance of earning money without doing anything at all and even in lottery game you’ll need a great deal of luck to emerge winner. However, home based internet business proprietors can work much less when they have been able to establish their business and also have other people working for them whether permanently or casually.

These are a few of the things that can make you give up your internet home based business. Realizing this helps prepare your mind for the unforeseen problems that is coming up next. I expect you find this short article educative.

Essential Networker Home Business Training

Posted on August 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

I’ll be the first to say that there is a lot of BS online about Home Business. To many courses, books, cd’s and fake guru’s preaching

that they are the experts in MLM and Home Business…

Are their “real experts” out there? Definitely! I’ll be the first to admit that Im a “self help junkie” when it comes to learning…

I spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on books, courses and seminars! And I get a good return on them…

I would have never learned how to build my Home Business online and retire at the age of 25, if those courses

wouldn’t have been available.

Of all the ones I buy, only about 20% of them are of great value and produce a Good ROI.

So spending money on them is of great benefit to your future…No Matter What!

But it’s hard to siphon out the good ones from all the noise you get online. Today Home Business is all about Attraction

Marketing, so everybody is “trying” to do Attraction Marketing… Go figure…

And what happens when everybody is doing something…

It just turns into noise, very scripted and unauthentic mush! People dont need that, they need actual solutions to problems they face when

building a Home Business online. Especially since 95% of them are complete “green pea’s” to the internet world. I was too at one time…

Here is the deal… I just launched a website called The “Essential Networker”. I have put away a lot of my projects to focus on just this.

What this site is gonna do is provide people with Free Information on what you want to know about home business and MLM…

That’s right! All the content that will go on The Essential Networker will be Free and provided by you.

This is what you have to do…I know you have 2 to 3 concerns or questions when it comes to building your home business online.

They might be small or big, but they keep you from building your business right.

Take those questions and go to the Home Page( it will be posted down below) and post your question as a comment on the first

blog post and make sure to watch the video…

I will then answer your concern or problem and if I can’t, I’ll bring in some of the “Master Marketers” I know, so they can answer it

with the best response possible…

So make it a great day and don’t miss out on this opportunity….Im only doing this for a limited amount of time.

Lets Go Build Your Business!

Dwayne Phelps

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