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Apply The Slight Edge to Your Home Business Online Opportunity

Posted on October 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

When embarking on a new venture, whether it is a home business online opportunity or something more personal start out with a clean sheet. Start at the very basics, though you may already have had experience in a similar activity. Lay solid foundations. Identify the first step that will take you on your journey. Taking that fist step is vital. It is the step that can be compounded each day to propel you to success. Without it you stay at the starting line, never going anywhere. Apply the principles of the slight Edge to all the main areas of your life, health, relationships, finance, personal development and your life itself. Each area of your life is equally important because if your health is not good or your relationships are not working, this will spill over onto the other areas of your life and visa versa. No area of your life exists in isolation, completely unaffected by the other areas. For example, your finances are important but your income seldom exceeds your personal development. You may get lucky and win the lottery but without the right mindset you will not have the capacity to replace the money once spent. Having the right mindset will be far more beneficial to you in the long term than a short lived windfall. Take a close look at the five main areas of your life, health, relationships, finance, personal development and your life itself.

1. Write down your goals for each area

2. Recognise the price to be paid to achieve those goals

3. Create a plan to get started

4. What one simple daily discipline, when compounded over time would help you achieve your goals Simple steps, not mammoth tasks. The results will not be instant, worthwhile results never are. However if you pay close attention you should begin to see some positive signs before long. Apply the same strategy to your internet marketing promotion. The final success will more than likely follow the 80/20 rule, whereby 80% of the results will be achieved in the last 20% of the time available. Remember this when you think your home business online opportunity or your Internet marketing promotion is not showing results quick enough for you. So follow through, believe in the power of The Slight Edge. Learn to have it working for you, not against you. Do those things that may seem insignificant, they won’t hurt today or tomorrow if you fail to do them. But in the long run, failure to do them will lead to just that – failure. Think of the legacy you want to leave behind you; to your family, to your children. We are our children’s greatest teachers and they learn mainly by example, by seeing what their parents do. “winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing” Vince Lombardi Get into the habit of winning, fill out the form on my blog and you will have taken the first step on your journey with a winning team.